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The Romney Chunky

The Romney Chunky

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The Romney Chunky

Pure Romney lambswool spun to Chunky, from our 2020 shearing. Spun in Cornwall by The Natural Fibre Company. 

This yarn is made from our own organically reared New Zealand Romney lambs who reside on our Devonshire farm. The delicate, creamy tone belies the strength of this wool that will provide endurance and movement to textiles. 

You can enjoy using this British wool knowing it is 100% traceable to the organically kept farmland where our sheep happily live.

The Romney Chunky comes as a 400g hank, perfect for hand dyers. 

Breed: 100% Romney 

Colour: Natural

Crop: Bertie's Flock 2020

Yardage: 100gs / 100m

Weight: Chunky 

Hank : 400gs

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Ethical Farming

Ensuring our animals are happy and healthy is our utmost priority, and we are repaid in spades, with wool that is soft, sumptuous and of exceptional quality. 

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