Made in Devon

Breed specific wool, grown organically

Fleece to Fibre

From sheep to fleece to skein, you can be assured that every step of our manufacturing process is performed by UK-based, master artisans who are devoted to continuing and perfecting the art of creating exceptional quality yarn.

  • Working with the Mills

    We are meticulous about the way our wool is spun. Having been able to work in small batches initially, we’ve made adjustments and tweaks at the mills that have allowed us to enhance the quality of our yarn.  

  • Cuvée Characteristics

    We specialise in creating the finest wool that is unique in both colour and texture. Blended yarns that will enhance the quality of any textile creation.

  • Beautifully Natural Shades

    By taking the finest characteristics from a variety of breeds and tweaking the ratios, we can create yarns with definition in beautifully natural shades. 

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  • Ethical Farming

    We are proud that our ethical farming practices have been recognised by the Organic Soil Association, along with an Environmental Stewardship Agreement that helps us provide a richer natural environment for our sheep.

  • Traceability and the Earth

    People today are yearning for a connection to the land their products come from. This is a guiding principle for all we do here in our corner of paradise.

  • Green and Pleasant Lands

    Enjoy using our wool knowing it is organically grown, sheared and spun on the shores of the UK.